Supporters of the Islamic State (IS, ISIL or ISIS) allegedly shot a Shiite Muslim religious leader outside his mosque in Sydney, Australia on Monday.

47-year-old Rasoul al-Musawi was shot while locking up the mosque following a night of observing the Shiite holiday of Muharram–a 10-day commemoration which is a central ritual for the Shiite Muslims.

“My dad just held his neck and ran inside,” al-Musawi’s daughter said. “And I was like, ‘what’s happening?’ and all I see was blood running down his head and neck.”

Witnesses and members of the Shiite community said Islamic State sympathizers had been harassing, threatening, and targeting them in recent days, including Arabic chants of “ISIS is coming!” and “ISIS will stay!”

Members of the mosque said although they reported the initial threats, police did not take them seriously.

“I think you can put it as a killing season,” one mosque member said of the Shiite holiday. “For them, it’s the best time for killing.”

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