Shock video out of Italy shows a female reporter fleeing in panic after being attacked by migrants on live television.

Francesca Parisella was assaulted as she was showing viewers of Italy’s Matrix Channel 5 how migrants had turned Rome’s Termini Station into a temporary camp.

Viewers see migrants sleeping outside the train station surrounded by trash. After a voice is heard in the background, the feed is cut.

The feed returns a few seconds later, with Parisella explaining, “We were attacked!”

“What do you want? Are you crazy?” Parisella asks the migrant, before letting out a loud scream.

“Oh My God!”, states the host of the show, before instructing his production team to call the police.

The migrant attempted to violently assault both Parisella and her cameraman, but both were rescued by a passing taxi driver who bundled them to safety inside his car and called the police.

The attacker was later identified as a 37-year-old from the Ivory Coast with no documents or residence permit who authorities had ordered deported back in September last year.

Parisella was later told by police that she was “very lucky” to escape injury. She subsequently tweeted a picture of herself with the taxi driver who came to her aid.

Migrants from African countries, none of whom are Syrian refugees, continue to pour into Italy, with NGOs and the EU literally acting as a taxi serviceto pick them up 12 miles off the coast of Libya in coordination with criminal people smugglers.


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