Former Vice President Al Gore celebrated Earth Day on Wednesday by endorsing presumed Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden and fawning over the thought of eliminating gas-powered vehicles.

“I am proud to endorse my friend Joe Biden for President, and I’m looking forward to our virtual #EarthDay50 event,” Gore wrote on Twitter.

During the pow wow, the pair of former vice presidents promoted shutting down all coal power plants and replacing them with solar and wind.

“EVs are already growing in popularity, and the business statistics show that within two years, they are going to be significantly cheaper than internal combustion engines,” Gore said.

He continued, “The nation of India has already announced they’re gonna make it illegal to sell internal combustion engines within ten years. Many other countries are taking similar steps.”

“That’s right,” Biden responded.

In another clip from the interview, Biden seems to lose his train of thought and tries to cover up by asking Gore “one more question.”

“Is it too late to aggress the climate change in a meaningful way?” Biden queried as Gore responded by raising his eyebrows.

Joe likely meant to say “address” climate change.

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