A man appearing to be ex-National Security Adviser John Bolton was recently seen wandering the streets of Qatar, sparking questions about why Bolton would even be in the Middle East.

Video of the man walking on a sidewalk in Doha, Qatar was posted to Twitter earlier this month.

Whether or not Bolton was in Qatar to take advantage of lobbying opportunities or if he was up to something more questionable remains a mystery.

One Twitter user noted he was likely walking down Qatar’s government district, suggesting he may have been peddling his influence there.

It’s unlikely the footage is of Bolton while he was still the National Security Adviser because if Bolton were in Qatar on official government business, he would likely not have been wearing plain clothes and would have likely been accompanied by a security detail.

Politico reporter Daniel Lippman reported that Bolton was in Qatar on “personal business.”

Bolton is currently being hailed as the left’s new hero after the New York Times reported Monday that Bolton has concerns about President Trump and Ukraine detailed in his upcoming memoir, “The Room Where It Happened.”

President Trump has taken action by firing John Bolton and has vowed to take on big tech censorship.

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