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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why the Kony Video Could be a Hoax (But It’s Not) … The astounding success of Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video has all the earmarks of a huge hoax, most likely perpetrated by Banksy, the artist who produced Exit Through the Gift Shop. That, at least, was Rob Frankel’s response to me, via email, when I asked about this particular video that is making internet history. Kony 2012, of course, is not a hoax, although Frankel makes his “what if” case well (among his arguments the viral velocity is too fast to be real and, in the how-weird-is-that category, Joseph Kony is an anagram for Phony Jokes.) – Erika Morphy, Forbes

Dominant Social Theme: This guy, Kony, the one who eats the hearts of children – get ‘im! And when he’s gotten, send in NATO to make sure these abuses do not continue.

Free-Market Analysis: Gee, it’s getting harder and harder to be the Internet’s leading analyst of elite dominant social themes. Take Kony 2012. (Please, TAKE it!)

We saw an article about the Kony 2012 “viral video” probably on Wednesday, the day it was posted. We were shocked and angered at the obviousness of the meme. But BEFORE we could write a word, everybody else had started to!

We’ve never seen anything like it. It bears out our contention regarding what we call the Internet Reformation – and how it is reaching a kind of critical mass.

The entire alternative media, for all its internecine quarrels, seems perched on a knife-edge now – watching carefully to see what new false-flag the “non-existent” power elite has up its sleeve. And as soon as it senses, aggregately … even a whiff of a new ploy or gambit … boy, does it pounce!

This must be debilitating to the powers-that-be. They haven’t had this much pushback since the Gutenberg Pressbegan threatening the Catholic Church – apparently causing them to intervene putatively by funding Luther and Calvin.

This is called “getting ahead of the curve.” The powers-that-be are doing the same thing today. We can see it happening. We believe Julian Assange may be one such false flag. We were on record that Anonymous might be another, long before it was announced that the FBI has “turned” one of its apparent leaders.

This is the beauty of living through history. We can see WITH OUR OWN EYES that today’s power elite is reactive as well as pro-active. There are many who would fight against this insight however, for a variety of reasons. The urge to attribute absolutely everything to one race or group is apparently an irresistable human instinct.

The trouble is that it can ENCOURAGE racism when it ought to be expanding enlightenment. Examine the history that is finally evident today and one comes to the conclusion that not only did the first information revolution drive apparent elite plans to create what became the Reformation, it also drove copyright law and many other kinds of reactive legislation.

Again, we can see history playing out again, today. The Internet’s rise evidently and obviously caught the elites by surprise. DARPA had created a version of the rudimentary Internet but it was the creation of the PC itself – and the subsequent melding of the two technologies – that created the modern technological revolution. (Shades of FA Hayek‘s spontaneous economic evolution.)

We are great believers in directed history at this point, but that doesn’t mean that the elites ANTICIPATED the entire gamut of world-shaking events – either past or present. In fact, the elite IS reactive. The horror of monopoly central banking was immeasurably aided by the printing of bank notes, but we are not sure that the elites of the day told Gutenberg what to do. It seems to us he invented the press on his own.

Likewise, we don’t believe that the elites would have willingly contemplated what the Internet has become today. In fact, it’s evident and obvious that Western elites are now trying their best to shut it down, or ameliorate the worst of its undermining consequences as they did with the Gutenberg Press itself.

To blame all the woes of the world on a single ethnic group when the modern power elite is evidently and obviously composed of numerous entities strikes us as a somewhat jejune analysis. More than that, it is generating a good deal of hatred for a single “race” even when no “race” exists and when no confident determination can be made of ethnic or even cultural composition.

Evil is as evil does. In fact, no race, no culture, no nationality has a chokehold on evil. There are certainly elements of Money Power, even large elements, that can be attributed to a single cultural ethnicity but the larger events shaping the world are seemingly the product of a broad array of overlapping interests.

Yes, this is evident and obvious. Eustace Mullins, perceptive on some fronts (more than others), was right to describe its workings as a “criminal syndicate.” We have offered the term “mafia” or “cabal.” It is this cabal and its associates and enablers that has confronted the Internet and challenged the knowledge that it has disseminated about the way the World Really Works.

At the same time, it has adopted the capabilities of the Internet to reinforce its own globalist memes. It uses elements of Satanism and the occult as part of a campaign of intimidation and mayhem, but we doubt that those at the very top necessarily believe this sort of thing. They are, in fact, likely phantasmagoria in our view, designed to intimidate and confuse the masses. Religion (as opposed to spirituality) has always been used by the tip-top elites as a method of mind control.

Regardless of these larger issues, there are many who have begun to understand the basic manipulations. They understand both the mechanism and the malevolence. To us, the Kony 2012 video is likely one such manipulation.

Ten years ago, the Kony promotion doubtless would have carried the day and provided a great impetus for the US and NATO to get further involved in Africa – obviously with an eye toward unifying Africa by intimidating Africa’s leaders into furthering the formal arrangements of the nascent African Union.

Surprisingly, the backlash has been intense. This is exactly what we have been predicting for about a decade now. The Internet Reformation rolls on and the results are NOT predictable, just as the results of the first Reformation were likely not predictable. The Quakers, Shakers and innnumerable other sects arose from the initial schisming and populated the New World, much to the apparent distress of the elites of the day.

Of course, there are always naysayers (see article above) but we figure the Kony 2012 “viral video” has all the hallmarks of an elite promotion. It’s put out by a group that is concerned for children – but only insofar are they are being oppressed by their OWN people.

The group that produced it – Invisible Children – has now been roundly criticized for how they handle their funds and how much of those funds they retain. These criticisms are all over the Internet.

Led by such alternative media mavens as Alex Jones and diagnosed in dozens of YouTube videos, the pushback has seemingly sent the powers-that-be into shock. Just the other day we watched a long interview on elite mouthpieceCNN, in which the interviewer spoke at length with the principals of “Invisible Children.”

Nonetheless, the damage has been done. This is seemingly another turning point in our view. Time will tell. The Gloomy Gus prognosticators of the Internet are always complaining that the “sheeple” just “don’t get it.” But it only takes, what … five percent of the population to be “illuminated” before big changes begin to happen.

Of course, there’s no science to such an analysis. But we would argue that if even the RIGHT three percent of a population finally understands the ways their World Works, that societal evolution is all but inevitable. Change will come. Freedom may increase.

What’s the right three percent? Well … it would be those people who are the most uncomfortable with the status quo. Often these people are driven by psychological characteristics. They may be mal-adjusted or at least not comfortable with the world-as-it-is.

The power elites that we regularly write about try to pick off the top leaders of the “great unwashed” via various types of tests. These people, regardless in some cases of their ethnicity, are then marked for “leadership” and sent to elite meat-grinders like Harvard and Oxford.

They are dipped in the effluvia of arrogance and spun out into the world amongst their own class. Their survivability is assured via elite control of the money machine of central banking. To “get along” they “go along.” And sometimes, like Bill or Hillary Clinton, they are powerfully driven to exhibit and promulgate their perversities.

In any event, this leaves plenty of other people – verbal and energetic – who didn’t show so much promise in childhood but who on attaining adulthood continue to progress mentally as autodidacts often do. This is yet another flaw in the elite’s culling methodologies. They get the bright young ones but not those whose mind and interests mature later. It’s a problem.

Below, we provide you with an illustrative video regarding Kony. It’s just one analysis of many. We won’t vouch for it, but it brings up many of the “hot button” issues we might have mentioned ourselves if we hadn’t been beaten to it!

We should add of course, that Kony’s transgressions were horrible and agonizing and we despise them, or the truth of them as we know it. But given that this video is aimed at a Western audience, we’d suggest next time that those involved take a look at the thousands, even millions, that Western military operations have poisoned in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The use of depleted uranium weapons is surely an untold “crime against humanity” that deserves ever wider publicity. It dwarfs Kony’s “crimes” doesn’t it? No “viral video” campaign for that, however. Not yet anyway.

(Video from NWVEntertainment’s YouTube user channel.)

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