Left-leaning parody website Cafe.com has released a series of Infowars parody spoofs called ‘Lil Alex Jones,’ showing a 10-year-old boy playing a young Alex Jones ranting about kid-level conspiracies.

The latest spoof video covers the topic of communism, where ‘Lil Alex Jones’ explains how his teacher made him ‘redistribute’ his gum with fellow students much like communist states confiscate the majority of citizens’ wealth for redistribution.

Cafe.com started releasing the videos last week, posting the video on Twitter asking “Ever wonder what Alex Jones was like as a 10 year-old? Introducing our new show, ‘Lil’ Alex Jones.’ Today’s conspiracy? Bath-time.”

Another video has Lil Alex Jones questioning innocuous children activities like nap time, Mr. Rogers, and Sesame Street.

“The borders opened up, and suddenly Sesame Street has kids counting in Spanish!” yells Lil Jones.

The Left has been trying to attack Alex Jones and Infowars with a myriad of parody shows, including Comedy Central’s ‘The Opposition With Jason Keppler,’ and ‘Patriothole‘ by satirical website Clickhole.

And over the summer, YouTubers SuperDeluxe attempted to smear Jones with a Bon Iver parody song that has since gone viral and is now a mega meme.


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