White House press conferences are out of control, owing to the fact that leftist “reporters” are using them as a way of pushing their flagrant bias and anti-Trump agendas.

In the same conference that garnered headlines Wednesday for CNN’s Jim Acosta pushing a female aide around in order to continue arguing with the President, two other “journalists” essentially called Trump a racist to his face.

Both individuals posed their insults as questions, essentially saying ‘A lot of people say you are a racist, there is evidence to suggest you are a racist, are you a racist?’

Take a look below:

PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor firstly accused President Trump of being the leader of the White Nationalist party.

Trump hit back with the response “Why do I have the highest numbers with African Americans… You’re a racist.”

Secondly another reporter with Yahoo News just outright asked Trump ‘have you ever used racist remarks?’

“No. I would never do that, and I don’t use racist remarks and, you know what? If I did, you people, you would have known about it,” Trump responded.

“I’ve been hearing there are tapes for years and years,” Trump said. “Number one, I never worried about it because I never did. I never used racist remarks. I have never used racist remarks.” the President added.

The Yahoo reporter wouldn’t let up and kept yelling into the mic about a “point of fact” that Trump’s poll numbers with black voters are not high, despite a Rasmussen poll showing a 40% approval rating among black respondents.

“When you talk about division, it’s people like this that cause division, great division,” Trump said, adding, “Point of fact is that I never used a racist remark. That’s the point of fact.”

Earlier in the conference, the same Yahoo reporter pestered the President about his tax returns. A dead horse that anti-Trumpers have been kicking for over two years, and refuse to relent on.

These people are following a blatant anti-Trump agenda, unsurprising given that almost everything on the networks they work for constitutes a constant effort to attack the President and claim he is a racist.

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