Video footage shows leftists in Spain viciously attacking a woman in the street because she was wearing a bracelet that displayed the country’s national flag.

The clip shows at least six hooded individuals taking turns to punch and kick the woman as she lay prostrate on the floor. The attack took place in the early hours of last Sunday morning in the bar area around Plaza de Santa Eulalia de Murcia.

According to reports, the perpetrators were left-wing activists who were triggered by the girl because she was wearing a Spanish flag bracelet.

The girl suffered injuries to her face and abdomen, as well as a broken tooth.

“The girl supposedly had images of the Spanish flag on her bracelet. In some parts of Spain, this could have been interpreted as a reaction by nationalist or separatist groups to the symbol of the Spanish flag,” reports DMF. “However, this incident took place in Murcia, which has no significant nationalist movement that I am aware of. This is simply a case of leftists attacking a patriot. Politicians are silent. Feminists are silent. Yet if the victim was a Muslim or leftist, a chorus of public denunciation would inevitably have followed.”

Actor Willy Toledo, pictured below, celebrated the attack on the defenseless woman, describing her as “human garbage” and saying she “deserved” the beating.

Six of the perpetrators have been arrested by police. One of them has been named as Alejandro Espín Sogo, a leftist politician who was a local elections candidate for Izquierda Unida [United Left] party in Murcia.

The notion that it’s acceptable to physically attack someone because you disagree with their politics has been legitimized by the mainstream media in America over the past few days after Alt-Right figure Richard Spencer was punched in the face by an Antifa anarchist during the anti-Trump inauguration riots in Washington DC.

Leftist outlets like the Nation and Newsweek published articles celebrating the vicious assault. Violent attacks in the name of advancing a political objective were once called “terrorism,” but according to the MSM they’re now something to be lauded.

Given that Communists advocate a political system that killed tens of millions more people than fascism, would it be OK to attack them in the street too? I suspect the media’s reaction would be somewhat different if that was to happen.

“When the left says violently attacking “Nazis” for their political views is acceptable, they literally mean they’ll support stomping on the faces of teenage girls they disagree with,” remarks Chris Menahan.


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