Liberals in San Diego, California signed a petition to add urinals to all women’s bathrooms so that people who identify as “transgender” would feel more welcome.

Mark Dice’s latest prank probably cuts a little too close to the bone – if anything he’s giving the LGBT lobby ideas on what their next move will be.

“To accommodate the trans people, we’re going to be adding some urinals into the women’s bathrooms….so they can use the bathroom of their choice but they can still at least use a urinal like they would’ve in the men’s bathroom,” Dice told two men as they signed the petition.

Another couple sign the petition after Dice tells them it will help transgender women who “still have a penis”.

“Yeah, makes sense,” responds the man as he signs his name.

Another two men sign the petition after being told that it is necessary to “keep everything fair.”

“Yeah, that’s good stuff,” replies another man after signing the petition.

“I totally get it….keep up the good work!” gushes another woman as she signs her name

According to Dice, few people argued with him over the proposal, with those who didn’t want to sign simply walking away.

Another women audibly gasps with pleasure at the first mention of the word “transgenders”.

“We’re going to be adding some urinals to the women’s bathrooms,” states Dice, to which another woman enthusiastically responds, “I’ll sign for that….I’m all about that!”

“I understand – equal rights!” comments her friend.

“I support trans people,” another woman vehemently states after signing the petition.

“A dozen people want the idea, many of them women, want urinals in the women’s bathroom – this country’s gone completely insane,” concludes Dice.


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