Liberals are fuming over a viral video showing a man propose to his girlfriend with a “Trump 2020” ring.

The video, shot earlier this week by pro-Trump Tik Tok user @MegaAmerican, starts with the couple standing in the rain with no umbrella looking at a small gazebo, before the man gets on one knee to make the proposal.

After about 30 seconds of the 40-second video, viewers learn the engagement ring features the slogan “Trump 2020” with an American flag backdrop.

Needless to say, liberals on Twitter were not happy with the surprise MAGA twist.

The couple made the troll even greater with another ring featuring the face of President Trump, which liberals also hated.

Alex Jones breaks down President Trump’s statements in Ohio about possibly being the last time he is seen for a while, and what Americans must do in order to reclaim their destiny.

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