Protesters hung an effigy of Democrat Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear at a rally outside the capitol Sunday.

Second Amendment-supporting Kentuckians rallied at the steps of the Capitol in Frankfurt carrying protest signs voicing their annoyance with lockdown measures, and then made their way to the governor’s mansion.

More from the Louisville Courier Journal:

As the rally wound down, organizers led the remaining crowd to the governor’s mansion to attempt to hand deliver a request for Beshear to resign. Groups carried signs reading “Abort Beshear from office” and “My rights don’t end where your fear begins” to Beshear’s home and chanted, “Come out Andy” and “Resign Andy.”

No one came to the door. A few Kentucky State Troopers got out of their cars to observe but did not attempt to stop the crowd. It’s not clear if Beshear was at home at the time.

The group then headed back to the capitol where they picked out a tree and hung an effigy of Beshear sporting a “sic semper tyrannis” sign, as Lee Greenwood’s iconic “God Bless the U.S.A.” blasted through loudspeakers.

The group’s actions, while meant as a symbolic depiction of the penalty for treasonous tyrants, were condemned by liberals on social media and state legislators, including Republican Kentucky Secretary of State Michael G. Adams, who called the display “disgusting.”

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Kentucky judge slams down unconstitutional persecution of Gov Beshear. He was the first Governor to explicitly demand churches not meet for worship. Now 2 weeks later he & the Louisville Mayor planned to put those meeting IN THEIR CARS under 14 day quarantine

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