Footage out of New York showing looters stealing stolen merchandise from another looter perfectly encapsulates the chaos that ensued in the wake of this week’s Justice for George protests.

In the video from Tuesday night in New York City, a cameraman captured a looter trying to calmly walk away from a vandalized Apple store with a large box containing a stolen iMac.

But other looters spotted him making off with the expensive computer and soon swarmed him, forcing him to drop the box to defend himself.

Meanwhile, another rioter dressed in black picks up the box and walks away.

Here’s footage of chaos at an NYC Apple Store:

This week looters were in for a rude awakening according to one photo featuring a stolen Apple iPhone showing a security message warning the item was being tracked.

“Please return to Apple Walnut Street,” the message stated. “This device has been disabled and is being tracked. Local authorities will be alerted.”

Chicago black woman freaks out that “Arabs” are protecting their store with guns as white liberal councilwoman Seattle Tammy can’t understand why people are concerned with looting. A look at the violence and the victims, many black, of looting as Democrat push to burn it down.

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