A video uploaded to YouTube shows a lying North Carolina police officer telling an Uber driver he pulled over that ‘there’s a new law, you can’t film me’. Unfortunately for the cop, the Uber driver was also a lawyer.

When he was pulled over and immediately surrounded by five police officers, Jesse Bright pulled out his phone and began recording the incident, for his own safety.

Sgt. Kenneth Becker took issue with Bright’s actions, and attempted to trample all over his Constitutional rights.

“Don’t record me. You got me?” Becker said, adding “Be careful because there is a new law. Turn it off, or I’ll take you to jail.”

“For recording you? What is the law?” Bright challenged the cop.

“You’re being a jerk,” the policeman said, adding the suggested threat of “You better hope we don’t find something in your car.”

“I’m scared right now. I’m not being a jerk. I’m recording in case anything happens.” Bright responded calmly.

“You are a police officer on duty, I have a right to record you.” Bright told Becker.

“I know what the law is.” the arrogant cop stated, prompting Bright to respond “I know what the law is, I’m an attorney.”

“And an Uber driver?” the cop responded, before Bright offered up his bar card.

The Washington Times notes that Becker called in a K-9 unit, which didn’t find anything. When the video surfaced, an investigation was launched into the officer’s behavior.

“If he’s willing to directly lie to me, and tell me you know this is against the law to film police, then it worries me you know most people when they’re given an order by an officer they don’t know that it’s an unlawful order.” Bright told reporters.

Infowars has previously reported on such incidents where cops have claimed that it is against the law to film them. Despite attempts in some states to institute such measures, it is not against any law to film police on duty.


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