A man suffering from coronavirus downs a glass of vinegar and eats a raw onion, in an attempt to illustrate what is emerging as a major symptom of the virus.

“Normal vinegar would be quite sour, probably not a pleasant taste,” he says pouring himself a small glass.

“Just tastes like I’m drinking water. No taste whatsoever. Obviously you can feel it going down your throat, but pretty much just like water.”

Next the man chomps on a raw white onion.

“Pretty much just eat like an apple,” the man says. “Real nice, once again, no taste.”

The loss of smell and taste senses has emerged as one of the strongest symptoms of coronavirus, according to British scientists.

In the same video, a woman also infected with coronavirus demonstrates her lack of taste by eating spoonful of marmite and eating chili flakes.

“Normally my eyes would be streaming, I would be coughing,” the woman says. I can’t taste anything. I can’t even taste that they’re hot. It’s like chewing on, I don’t know, dirt.”

Owen and Tom look at the recent coronavirus news and the first hand experiences people are having, and something just isn’t adding up.

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