A man caught on camera during a May Day Communist march in Philadelphia is seen yelling “Kill Trump! Kill Pence” in another brazen display of liberal tolerance.

Although the rest of the demonstrators, some of whom are carrying red flags, appear to be chanting, “f**k Trump, f**k Pence,” that’s not hardcore enough for the guy in a green shirt and a beard, who wishes to see the president and the vice president dead.

Leftist death wishes towards Trump are nothing new, but they continue to accelerate with barely any coverage from the mainstream media.

While the MSM obsessed about violence at Trump rallies during the election cycle, blaming Trump himself for sporadic incidents, the media has virtually ignored the wave of Antifa violence that has exploded in recent months.

Earlier today, we reported on another leftist protester who wore a t-shirt during a rally in New York which read, “BEHEAD THE BRO,” and “DECAPITATE THE DON” next to an image of a terrorist beheading Donald Trump.

After all, love trumps hate right?


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