A video out of Ibiza, Spain shows 16 Algerian migrants arriving via a small boat before scrambling up a cliff face.

A stunned fisherman filmed the footage on Saturday morning in Sol d’en Serra in the municipality of Sant Josep, close to the airport in Ibiza.

The clip shows 16 migrants from Algeria abandoning a small vessel and clambering up a cliff face before later being arrested.

In total, 51 migrants were arrested over the weekend after four boats arrived in Ibiza.

The footage emphasizes the completely porous nature of Europe’s borders despite many declaring the migrant crisis to be over.

Indeed, it could only just be starting over once again.

After the collapse of Matteo Salvini’s government in Italy, leftists are set to reverse his strict immigration policy and re-open the migrant route into Italy.

Ten migrant NGO ships are now massing in the Mediterranean in anticipation of Italian ports being re-opened, something that will incentivize millions more migrants to head north.

Footage released a few days ago also showed 150 African migrants storming through Spain’s Ceuta enclave fence.


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