A shocking video shows migrants attacking residents in Calais, France on their own private property as left-wingers encourage the violence.

The footage, shot this past weekend, shows a horde of migrants aggressively marching towards a residential street as two men stand outside the gate of their home.

Some journalists and pro-migrant protesters attempt to stop the assault, but it soon escalates as the “refugees” begin throwing tires, pieces of wood and other objects at the two men.

The two men retreat into the front yard of their property as more objects are thrown. One of the men is clearly enraged by the assault and gestures aggressively towards the migrants.

The other man then displays an airsoft rifle in defense of his property while more objects continue to be hurled.

Some of the left-wing pro-migrant demonstrators attempt to deter the attack but others encourage it, with one chanting, “Nazi scum” at the residents.

At the 1 minute 16 point in the clip, what appears to be a brick is thrown at the head of one of the men, narrowly missing.

The men retreat back inside the house and the migrants begin to disperse. Shortly after this incident, the “refugees” broke through police lines and stormed the city’s port before around 50 of them boarded the UK-bound ferry Spirit of Britain.

“We are people. We are Muslim! We want to go to UK!” the migrants chanted.

On the same weekend, UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said the 3,000 individuals living in the Calais migrant camps should be allowed to enter Britain and claim asylum.

The full video below shows the migrants marching through Calais before they storm the port, with left-wingers holding “refugees welcome” signs aiding them.

As we reported last year, the French Army is making contingency plans for the “reappropriation of national territory,” winning back areas of cities, in the event of immigrant populations obtaining weapons and becoming openly hostile to authorities.


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