Alarming video out of Idomeni, Greece shows migrants setting up a roadblock checkpoint and then demanding to see the IDs of Greek citizens before refusing to let them pass.

The clip begins with a news reporter describing how “refugees” occupied the road in order to protest against not being allowed to pass through the border.

“Every time a truck goes through the border, they stop it,” states the reporter, followed by footage of a delivery truck turning back.

Another truck driver is then interrogated as to his destination by the migrants. When he tells them that he is going to Sweden to deliver fruit, they respond “no”.

He even shows his identification papers to one of the migrants to “prove he is a Greek citizen”. The truck driver eventually leaves to find a different route.

Shortly after, leftist “volunteers” arrive with food to support the illegal actions of the migrants, who are “keeping the road closed”.

When asked about their country of origin, the leftist volunteers refuse to answer, with one of them asserting, “Why do you wanna know which country people are from….what does it matter?”

“Here’s why it matters: you’re actively supporting the criminal activity of an invading army. They obviously know this, that’s why they refuse to identify themselves,” writes Chris Menahan.

“We can be sure odds are they’re working for George Soros’ Open Society or one of its many related affiliates. If these invaders are not kicked out and these policies reversed Europe is doomed.”

The most shocking aspect of the video is that Greeks willingly agreed to present their papers to illegal migrants who aren’t even citizens of the country.

With Europe beginning to tighten border controls as the wave of “refugees” shows little sign of abating, protests have become more violent.

Back in February, migrants used a battering ram to try and break through the Greece-Macedonia border fence.

In December we reported on Muslim migrants who unfurled a banner at the Macedonian border which read “open or die” before they proceeded to attack police with stones.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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