Karl Marx – author of the Communist Manifesto – is a popular choice amongst some millennials who were told about his run as a third party presidential candidate.

Mark Dice hit the beach in San Diego to find out if young voters were enthusiastic about the economist – who has been dead for over 130 years – taking on Trump and Hillary.

Stating that he would “have to do more research” (that’s putting it mildly), one man said he would be happy to support Marx as a “viable option to people who don’t want to choose either Trump or Hillary,” adding “If he has good decisions that can help maybe change where we’re at now.”

Asked what kind of people would support Marx, another young man responds, “People that value being involved with – you know – what’s going on….people that like to think for themselves.”

“I’m glad that there’s somebody else personally,” responds another young woman with blue hair, adding that she would “definitely” consider voting for the 19th century revolutionary socialist.

“Anything that takes Hillary Clinton to not get in office, I’m for it,” responds another Bernie Sanders supporter. Presumably, digging up Marx’s body and making his rotten corpse run for president is one of these things.

The woman’s friend tries to point out that Marx died in 1883, prompting her to exclaim, “I don’t know anything! I don’t care.”

Truer words were never spoken.

Another man in sunglasses reveals that he went through schooling but had never heard of Karl Marx, while another man says he is “undecided” about Karl Marx because he hasn’t looked into his policies.

Two of the individuals featured in the video actually knew who Marx was, but they sadly appeared to be in the minority.


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