MSNBC host and notorious hate-monger, Joy Reid was excited Sunday morning, during AM Joy, as reporter Mike Viqueira came on with “breaking news”.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was spotted leaving church. “This is, you know, what some people would characterize as an ambush interview of a man coming out of Easter services at a church,” he admitted. “Some passersby weren’t happy that we were doing that.”

Viqueira seemed so excited that he struggled to the Mueller’s title right: “Hi, Joy. Yes, so the — Bob Mueller, the director – the former director of the FBI, of course, the special prosecutor – special counsel attended church services just across Lafayette Park here at St. John’s Episcopal Church.”

“We knew that he was going to be he’s been there. He’s been there in the past so we waited for him,” he bragged. “Easter services, tried to be as respectful as possible. He came out the side door of the church. I did have a couple of prepared questions to ask him.”

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After being exonerated, the Trump campaign’s statement on the Mueller report reveals they are ready to fight for the justice they deserve.

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