In light of a A Monmouth University poll that found an overwhelming majority of Americans believe a deep state is running government policy, MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel went into full on panic, suggesting that the notion was invented by President Trump, and that Americans are embracing his ‘conspiracy theories’.

“This is real,” Mika Brzezinski said, suggesting that Trump “may be on to something” as he continues to call out the intelligence community and highlight their misdeeds and failings.

“The attacks against the so-called deep state … by the president and some Republicans actually might be taking hold,” Brzezinski told viewers.

“America is an idea, it’s not a democracy, it’s not a republic before it is an idea,” said analyst Mike Barnicle.

“And the idea that 74 percent, according to the Monmouth University poll, believe there is a deep state run by a military-political intellectual hierarchy, apart from government, and this is the gift we’ve gotten from Donald Trump.” Barnicle continued to spout.

“This is the gift we’ve gotten from him surrendering to Vladimir Putin and causing chaos in the country.” Barnicle charged.

Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haas declared that “This is not happening in a vacuum,” expressing concern over how a mistrust in a deep state among Americans would affect foreign policy.

“Over the next two or three months this administration is going to face three enormous decisions, what to do about these tariffs, and what to do about the Iran nuclear agreement, and the idea that it is consumed by this chaotic churn of people and what to do about this investigation, the combination of the two, again, this is about as bad as it gets.” Haas complained.

NBC News political reporter Carol Lee suggested that the survey is “a direct result of what we’ve seen the president try to do which is sew doubt” about “the FBI and other agencies.”

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius chimed in, declaring it to be “a very dangerous time,” consisting of “Real challenges for an inexperienced president.”

“It’s a very dangerous thing when most of a country believes a small group in the country is manipulating decisions,” he said. “We’ve seen that historically in countries that begin to break down.” Ignatius exclaimed.

Ignatius then suggested that such beliefs lead to dictatorships, implicitly comparing Trump to past dictators in the middle east and beyond.

“You get a situation where a demagogic leader — gosh think of who that might be — that appeals to precisely that feeling people have, and then you really start to go over the edge.” Ignatius said.

Clearly these elitists and their media mouthpieces are in shock over how many Americans are waking up to the actions of those who lurk in the shadows, with the President unwilling to go along with their endless scheming.

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