After promoting Antifa violence twice in one week, NBC had a ‘debate’ about whether the First Amendment protects ALL speech or not, declaring that there are ‘pitfalls’ to free speech.

MSNBC’s Katy Tur declared that the broadcast would focus on “challenging the First Amendment.”

“Should extremist groups have the right to rally? We’ll delve into the power and pitfalls of free speech.” Tur stated during the opening segment.

Tur  previously badgered the mother of Heather Heyer, the woman who was tragically killed in Charlottesville, about her opinions on President Trump.

“Over the weekend the debate over free speech raged on,” Tur stated, claiming that “the free speech event was a thinly veiled way to shield hate groups in the wake of the deadly crash in Charlottesville.”

“The ACLU helped the unite the right group obtain a protest permit in Charlottesville and says it will continue to consider requests from hate groups seeking legal help to protest,” she continued, then asking whether that is acceptable.

Tur then brought in ACLU Senior Staff Attorney Lee Rowland, and quoted a New York Times op ed which asked whether “Prioritizing the First Amendment rights could make the distribution of power in this country even more unequal.”

Rowland responded by exclaiming that the First Amendment ensures “all of us can speak truth to power no matter whether we’re trying to change the status quo for better or worse in your eyes or my eyes, and still do that in a way that in the long run lifts up all voices.”

“We’ve been through an entire century where we’ve seen the First Amendment play out,” Rowland noted, adding that “it’s asking the wrong question” to suggest free speech could be limited.

“I’d like to think that the moral arc of the universe or the least our country is closer to justice than it was when we began decades ago.” said Rowland, adding that the Civil Rights movement would not have even started without the First Amendment.

“People hoping for a violent confrontation are not heroes of the First Amendment,” Rowland told Tur, adding “regardless of whether they’re white supremacists or not.”

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