Islam scholar Lamya Kaddor said on German television that “being German” in future will not mean having blonde hair and blue eyes, but being a Muslim migrant and wearing a hijab.

Note how the German audience applauded the eradication of their own people.

Because supporting the extinction of your own race is far less of a burden than – God forbid – being called a racist.

Kaddor was responsible for publishing the first German translation of the Koran for children and adults.

She also introduced Islamic education in German in public schools.

This was such a huge success it led to five of her students traveling to Syria to join ISIS.

Leftists and Muslims celebrating the demographic suicide of a nation is a common theme.

Green Party politician Stefanie von Berg said it was a “good thing” that Germans would become a minority in major cities.

Muslim Imam Sheikh Muhammad Ayed also gave a speech in which he asserted that Muslims should use the migrant crisis to breed with European citizens and “conquer their countries,” by taking advantage of the fact that Europeans have “lost their fertility”.

Leftist German politician Gregor Gysi implied that Germans who opposed the migrant influx were Nazis and that it was good the Nazis didn’t have many children.

Once again, the true agenda behind multiculturalism is revealed. There is no “multi” in multiculturalism.

This is about big government and Islamists working together to bring in millions of Muslim migrants, who will then vote for more big government.

The complete decimation of the host culture and the freedoms and prosperity that came with it is a small price to pay.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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