A self-described Native American got his ass handed to him after he assaulted a Trump supporter:

“That f*cking hat caused genocide,” he said, presumably pointing to the cameraman’s “Make America Great Again” hat. It’s unclear what “genocide” he was referring to.

The Native American then knocked the hat off the cameraman’s friend, who promptly defended himself – much to the shock of the Native American who whined “what the fuck?” as he took a barrage of fists.

It’s not known when exactly the video was filmed, but it was likely recent given that YouTube has been removing mirrored copies of the clip.

It appears that Trump Derangement Syndrome is now leading to Popeye Syndrome in which wimps think they’re invincible and capable of starting confrontations despite never taking a punch to the face.

The video also highlights an ongoing chilling effect on free speech as Americans – particularly Trump voters – fear revealing their political ties in public out of fear of violent backlash.

Which, ironically enough, indicates that proponents of gun control are more likely to start physical altercations in public.

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