After allowing a far-left pundit to promote Antifa violence on his midweek show last week, NBC’s Chuck Todd invited Dartmouth Professor Mark Bray back on to Meet The Press, where he once again advocated extremism.

Todd started the segment by stating that Antifa is “a far-left political movement that argues it’s necessary to confront hate groups sometimes with force.” He didn’t go into detail, however, regarding the sheer volume of past assaults on police and essentially anyone who disagrees with their openly Marxist political stance.

Bray responded by claiming that Antifa does not engage in wanton violence, but rather in ‘self defense’

“I think that a lot of people recognize that when pushed, self-defense is a legitimate response to white supremacist and neo-Nazi violence,” Bray said.

Todd, who at no point pushed back against any of the claims Bray made, then threw to (slightly less) far leftist Richard Cohen President of the Southern Poverty Law Center, as if he represents the other side of the ‘debate’ somehow.

To his credit, Cohen repeated his previous defense of free speech, noting “I think it’s a spectacularly bad idea to give one group of people the right to silence another group of people.”

“It’s contrary to our values embodied in the first amendment.” Cohen clarified, adding that violently attacking white supremacists may provoke violent retaliations.

Bray would not deviate from promoting Antifa violence however, claiming that “there’s a big difference between confronting fascism and confronting other forms of violence.”

“We can see that during the ’30s and ’40s there was no public opinion to be leveraged by nonviolent resistance.” Bray remarked.

Bray also tried to twist Cohen’s words to suggest he was arguing against self defense in the face of violent attack, the complete opposite of what Antifa is actually doing.

“You know, it’s not an issue of defending yourself. It’s an issue of trying to silence other people. No one is saying that, you know, if you’re slugged in the face that you have to sit there and take it,” Cohen responded.

“It’s a very peculiar notion of self-defense to say you can censor people.” he added.

Meanwhile, a petition to formally recognise Antifa as a terrorist organisation is surging towards 150,000 signatures in a stunning rebuke of how the mainstream media has embraced the far-left group since the violence in Charlottesville.

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