This weekend’s news shows were dominated by calls for stricter gun control in the wake of the latest school shooting, but none advocated more radical action than NBC’s Chuck Todd, who openly called for abolishing the Second Amendment.

To support his call, Todd cited a column in the New York Times, written by Bret Stephens, a staunch leftist, and noted anti-Trump activist.

“Isn’t the difficulty here legislatively, the constitution,” Todd suggested, adding “Which is Bret Stephens’ point in The New York Times, he’s calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment.”

Todd then read from Stephens’ report which argued that having the right to bear arms in the Constitution of the country is unlike any other western democracy (no mention of a Republic).

Todd’s panel were less optimistic about repealing the Second Amendment, but still expressed a desire to see it happen.

“I mean, getting rid of the Second Amendment it’s not realistic. It’s a nice intellectual exercise people might want to have, but it’s not realistic,” said NBC National Political Reporter Carol Lee.

Lee then charged that all Republicans are “owned by the NRA.”

“The NRA spent $55 million in the 2016 elections. That’s more than twice as much as they did in 2012. So you know, the idea that they’re going to do something in this atmosphere — history doesn’t show that that will happen.” Lee added.

Todd wasn’t happy with that idea, however, complaining that “I can’t name a politician who has lost due to not supporting gun control, but I have known politicians who have lost for their support of gun control.”

Chief White House Correspondent Hallie Jackson chimed in to suggest that conservatives are too ‘afraid’ to consider changes to the Second Amendment.

“That is exactly what conservatives are terrified about,” she declared. “That is exactly the conversation that they don’t want to be having because there is a philosophical difference on this. Because this is, as you alluded to in your opening piece here, symbolic in a lot of ways.”

Democratic Pollster Cornell Belcher then suggested that the Second Amendment still exists only because the NRA has “re-messaged gun ownership” by “wrapping it in the flag.”

“But I think something is changing, Chuck,” Belcher belched.

“When you look at the way those young people are mobilizing, you look at the way some of the gun organizations are raising money and they’re mobilizing now. If this is a front-and-center issue for suburban moms in this coming election, it will change,” Belcher further belched.

It’s clear that such leftists within the media are hellbent on steering toward making the abolishment of the Second Amendment a serious talking point.

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