Communist professor an apologist for mass murder

Paul Joseph Watson
November 26, 2012

A shocking video has emerged which illustrates how American colleges are infested with Marxist professors who are nothing less than apologists for mass murder.

The clip shows Montclair State University English Professor Dr. Grover Furr angrily proclaiming that one of history’s most brutal dictators – Joseph Stalin – was not guilty of a single crime.

A member of the audience asks why Furr had denied communist regimes were responsible for mass killings, noting that Nikita Khrushchev apologized for Stalin’s murders in 1956.

“What you said is bullshit! It’s wrong! It’s a lie!,” responds Furr, adding, “But of all of the falsifications that go on in the school systems in this country – this world, Soviet history is falsified the most. I have spent many years researching this and similar questions that I have yet to find one crime – yet to find one crime – that Stalin committed. I know they all say he killed 20 or 30 or 40 million people. It’s bullshit!”

Furr then bizarrely claims that the United States has the lowest standard of living amongst industrial nations because it has failed to embrace socialism, despite the fact that figures routinely show the United States to be in the top 10 of the countries with the highest living standards.

As to Furr’s claim that Stalin killed nobody and was not responsible for one crime, even the Soviet Union’s own internal documents admit that Stalin was responsible for at least 3 million deaths, a figure that doesn’t even include famines, massacres and many other factors.

The vast majority of serious academics and historians put the figure at around 20 million as a base number.

Hat Tip: American Thinker.

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