I will be 50 years old next December, and I cannot recall a single time in my life where the Democrats voted to cut my taxes to help my family, can you?

Democrats lied about Obamacare. It was the biggest atrocity ever forced on the American people by elected officials, and they got away with it by telling you it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now they lie about Trump’s tax cuts, telling you that your taxes are going to be raised.

They aren’t happy that you are going to have more money in your account for the next few years. Most people would question their lies, but the mainstream media is too busy gaslighting the commoners.

Ami Horowitz creates a lot of video pieces showing you just how dense liberal voters are. In the video below, he decided to explain the GOP tax plan to Democrats, but this one had a twist. He told them it was being drafted as an alternative to the GOP tax plan by Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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