A new video shot in New York City reveals that many low-info trendies believe concerns about radical Islamic terror in the United States are exaggerated and based on “fake news.”

The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) has released their latest report in a series commissioned by president Pamela Geller, designed to reveal how leftist propaganda and the Sharia-compliant mainstream media are keeping the general public ignorant to the true threat posed by the constant creep of jihad in the West.

AFDI reporter and former Project Veritas investigator, Laura Loomer, went to Grand Central Station – a prime site for jihadist attacks in the most targeted city in the U.S. – to gauge commuters’ opinions on ISIS in the homeland, ‘Russian hacking’ agitprop, and what they consider to be “fake news.”

“New Yorkers were asked which they believed to be ‘fake news’ – ISIS, or Russian election hacking,” Geller explained. “Their responses are astonishing. Most of them dismissed the ISIS threat as exaggerated or nonexistent — even as jihad attacks and threats against New York have been ongoing and increasing in frequency.”

“Ironically, people feel more threatened by Russia, which has not attacked us, than by the jihadists, who have repeatedly attacked us, and are openly plotting to do it again.”

“It wasn’t just 9/11: New York City has been targeted by jihadis numerous times,” she continued. “The NYPD is on heightened alert for the Christmas season because of the all-too-real possibility that ISIS or other jihadis will carry out a major jihad terror attack during the holiday season.”

“But in Grand Central Station, crowded with holiday shoppers, people were more worried about ‘fake news’ than about the Islamic jihad threat.”

The video includes a short list of the many lesser-known attacks and plots by jihadists on American soil, which are generally buried or whitewashed by mainstream media to disconnect the fundamental Islamic thread that connects them all.

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