President Obama continued campaigning for Hillary Clinton Thursday, slamming some Republicans for suggesting Hillary could be impeached if she is elected and found to have broken the law.

“You’ve got some Republicans right now who are suggesting they will impeach Hillary.” Obama told a crowd in Florida.

“They don’t necessarily know why, but they’re just going to impeach her,” Obama added.

Critics will note that there are several justifications for impeachment, should Hillary be indicted and found to have broken the law by the FBI.

“Imagine if you had sitting Democratic senators saying that about Donald Trump, before he was even elected, saying ‘He will be impeached.’ ” Obama exclaimed.

Those same critics would suggest that this would indeed be strange, as Obama implies, because Trump hasn’t abused a government position for personal financial gain, or mishandled classified information.

Obama continued to attack Republicans during the speech, calling them “obstructionist,” and admitting that he sometimes likes to mess with them for his own amusement.

“I will sometimes propose their own stuff and they’ll oppose it,” he said, as the crowd laughed along. “It surprises them. I’ll be like, ‘Well this is in your Republican handbook. This is in your talking points, I thought y’all were for this.’ ”

Obama claimed that Republicans would say “Yeah but you’re for it now, we can’t be for that,” adding “Come on, man.”

In a separate appearance Wednesday night, Obama told supporters that the ‘fate of the republic’ lies in their hands, and they need to reject Donald Trump.

“I hate to put a little pressure on you, but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders. The fate of the world is teetering” Obama told voters in North Carolina.

The President warned that congressional Republicans are suggesting investigations could be ongoing and a potential impeachment of Clinton is on the table.

“They’re promising years of investigations, years of hearings, more shutdowns, more obstruction,” Obama said.

He added “You’ve got some Republicans in Congress who are already suggesting they will impeach Hillary. She hasn’t even been elected yet. It doesn’t matter what evidence — they’ll find something. That’s what they’re saying already. How does our democracy function like that?”

Obama said of Trump “If you disrespect women before you are elected president, you will disrespect women when you’re in office… Imagine what you’ll do when you actually have the power to violate the Constitution along those lines.”

He also accused Trump of ‘accepting the support of Klan sympathizers’, and that he would “tolerate that support when in office.”

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