A gruesome video out of Syria shows Barack Obama’s “moderate rebels,” to whom the White House has pledged to send $500 million dollars, brutally hammer and stab a Syrian soldier to death as their wives and children join in for good measure.


The clip shows a woman taking a hammer to what appears to be a Syrian soldier as he begs for his life while armed militants and other men join in the savage assault. Another individual then kneels down before stabbing the soldier repeatedly in the neck as the crowd chants “Allahu Akbar” to the sound of celebratory gunfire.

The scene then cuts to another soldier who appears to have just been shot in the head by a rebel fighter. The clip returns to the first victim who is now lying in a pool of his own blood writhing in agony. A child then begins hacking at the man’s chest with a large knife. The two men are then dragged up onto the back of a truck.

The incident took place in the Dera’a province in southern Syria, which is not an ISIS outpost but a “Free Syrian Army (FSA) stronghold.” In other words, some of the men in the video carrying out the brutal executions are soon going to receive part of the $500 million bounty that the Obama White House recently pledged to train and arm “moderate rebels.”

Jabhat al-Nusra (JAN) militants are also present in the region, although given the fact that “moderate” FSA rebels pledged allegiance to JAN jihadists over 18 months ago, the two groups have become indistinguishable.

Previous examples of “moderate” behavior from the Obama-backed rebels include an FSA commander cutting out a man’s internal organ and eating it on camera as well as numerous other atrocities and terrorist bombings.

While ISIS insurgents run riot in Iraq partly as a result of the Obama administration’s policy of backing jihadist groups in Syria, scenes like this only serve to remind us of the absolutely insanity of the White House pouring fire on a blazing inferno by sending money and weapons to extremist thugs who display total disregard for any sense of humanity or dignity.

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