March 3, 2008

The Marines on Monday responded to a video clip on showing what appears to be a Kaneohe-based Marine throwing a puppy while in Iraq.

The video shows two Marines talking as one holds a puppy by the back of the neck before throwing the dog over what appears to be a cliff. There is the sound of a dog yelping as the puppy is seen flying in the air.

The clip has been viewed by thousands of people on the Internet, with several e-mailing Honolulu TV news media.

The leadership at Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe said they are investigating the case and that they do not tolerate such behavior.

“This is a shocking and deplorable video that contrary to the high standards we set for every Marine. We will investigate this and take appropriate action,” Maj. Christopher Perrine said.

Officials said they believe the Marine in the video is a lance corporal who returned to Hawaii in October from Iraq.

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