A video of author Peter Hitchens casually strolling away from a mob of protesters following him as he exudes pure chad energy is going viral.

Hitchens was observing a Black Lives Matter protest in Oxford when the mob turned on him and started pursuing him down the street.

Flanked by a couple of police officers, Hitchens doesn’t look like he has a care in the world as he walks away from the crowd at a leisurely pace.

“I don’t know know what you’ve been told, Peter Hitchens got to go,” the mob chants, with Hitchens completely unaffected.

Many people realized the power in Hitchens’ aloof reaction to the crowd, but also noted the chilling optics of him being hounded away by hundreds of angry protesters simply for having a different opinion.

Hitchens himself commented on the incident, tweeting, “If some of them didn’t like me, they were quite entitled to say so. What’s objectionable is the ridiculous idea that my presence was ‘offensive’ or some such and by implication should have been prevented.”

The memes are already pouring in.

Hitchens was also recently celebrated for standing up as a huge crowd of BLM demonstrators kneeled during a protest against the Cecil Rhodes statue.


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