Outspoken host Piers Morgan slammed the British public and its government this morning for not taking seriously enough the coronavirus pandemic.

As the rest of Europe locks down and closes borders, people in Britain are still going to rock concerts and taking part in marathons.

“People are not socially distancing because they’ve been told not to,” Morgan said, urging that “most people are running around at the moment totally oblivious to the threat of this.”

“In Ireland they’ve had to shut every pub in the country because so many people were out boozing as if nothing was happening.” he added.

“What the hell are you doing going to pop concerts taking part in half marathons?” the host blasted.

“The rest of the world is in virtual lockdown and were doing this, it is nonsense utter nonsense.” Morgan stressed.

Morgan was specifically referring to 5000 people cramming together into Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena to watch rock group The Stereophonics:

Those in attendance at the event, as well as the band themsleves were panned by critics on Twitter for jeopardising the health of others:

Meanwhile, in the cities of Bath, and Liverpool, thousands turned out for marathons:

The British government STILL has not advised against mass gatherings despite virtually every other government in the world having done so.

Flights are also still arriving from mainland Europe, in particular Spain and Italy despite the fact that those countries are in lockdown and are experiencing deaths practically every five minutes from coronavirus. Yesterday almost 400 people in Italy died, bring the total death toll close to 2000.

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