Motorists traveling down one of California’s busiest freeways got a shock when a single-engine plane was forced to touch down in an emergency amid all the traffic.

El Cajon’s Interstate 8 became a makeshift runway for the pilot of the stricken plane, which managed to make an incredible safe landing just before midday on Friday.

According to NBC 7 San Diego, the incident was sparked by an engine failure during a flight lesson. Remarkably, the flight instructor held his nerve to place the plane between vehicles traveling westbound on the busy highway.

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The moment the bizarre incident unfolded was caught on video by Keri Decker. She was on a routine trip to the dentist when she said the plane came into sight in her rear-view mirror.

“Going to the dentist and this just happened in front of us on the 8 freeway. Major props to these two dudes for landing without any problems,” Decker posted on social media.

In the astonishing clip, Decker and her husband can be heard reacting in utter shock at was is happening before their very eyes. “A plane just landed on the freeway and he’s got it under control. Holy f***,” a man says in the video. “This is “f***ing gnarly. You don’t see this everyday.”

Nobody was injured in the landing, reported ABC 7 News, but lanes on the thoroughfare had to be closed while the aircraft was removed from the scene. The man who landed the aircraft has been labeled a local hero for managing to safely touch down while avoiding power lines and moving traffic.

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