German police took turns kicking and beating the man with batons.

Kit Daniels
July 11, 2013

Nightclub security cam footage reveals German police viciously striking and kicking a defenseless suspect in a savage assault that left the man hospitalized for six hours.

At least three officers held the suspect up so another officer could kick him in the groin area to take him down.

Once the suspect fell to the floor, four officers restrained him while another officer beat the suspect with a baton, turning the helpless man into a Piñata.

As the suspect cowered on his hands and knees, the officers continued to hold him steady for the baton-swinging officer, which improved his batting accuracy.

At least six officers were on the scene to “handle” the lone suspect with kicks and blows.

According to, this brutal police beating occurred on June 23 at the “Track 9” disco in Bremen, a city of over a half-million people in northwestern Germany.

The disco, being in a nightclub district, is heavily patrolled by police.

The suspect, name withheld, went out with friends to celebrate his birthday.

His brother apparently complained to the doorman that a cigarette machine ate his change.

The doorman kicked them out. Police then showed up and began to thrash the suspect.

Once he laid injured and motionless on the ground, the officers tied his wrists together and took him to an emergency room.

Still recovering from his injuries, the suspect filed an official complaint with the public prosecutor who is investigating.

It is unfortunate that Infowars covers incidents of police abuse several times a week.

We recently reported via that a police officer struck a honor student in the head with a police baton, leaving her unconscious with broken teeth.

In May, a Costco pizza sampler was shot dead by police after their Taser would not work.

Animals have also been the victims of violent police abuse.

In a video that went viral, California police killed a man’s dog after they arrested the man for “obstruction of justice.”

It appears that barbaric police behavior is now trending worldwide.

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