Reporters documenting the protests in Ferguson, Mo., were told by police late Wednesday evening to cease recording, just moments before police launched an attack on demonstrators using LRAD sound cannons, flash bang grenades, tear gas canisters and a hail of rubber bullets.

“You are no longer peacefully assembling,” a member of the police announced via loudspeaker to a crowd assembled in front of the burnt down QuikTrip convenience store. “You must leave. Return to your vehicles. Return to your homes. You will be subject to arrest if you fail to comply… Leave to your homes immediately.”

Audio can be heard at approximately 0:37 in the video.

“Please turn off your video,” a female voice can be heard stating shortly thereafter.

As protests against the police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown headed into their fourth straight day, numerous media outlets were out in full force capturing the police state crackdown in real time. Infowars reporters were also on the scene, anticipating the inevitable.

Like clockwork, the loud, incessant chirp of police LRAD sonic weapons wailed disrupting the protests, and police began advancing on demonstrators, preceded by a cloud of tear gas and flash bang stun grenades.

Currently police can only request that journalists cease filming, but imagine what future protests will look like once police obtain proximity disabling camera and phone “kill switch” devices.

“It is not difficult to envisage a scenario where authorities could hijack the technology to shut down communications in a sensitive area in order to limit photo and streaming video coverage, such as at a demonstration or at the scene of unfolding police brutality,” writes Steve Watson, regarding California’s proposed SB 962 “kill switch” bill, which would mandate all phones be equipped with the ability to “render the essential features of the smartphone inoperable when not in the possession of the authorized user.”

“The idea of companies, government officials and police having access to a ‘kill switch’ with no opt out process takes power away from the individual and leaves the door ajar for so called authorities to exploit such technology to target anything they perceive as dissent.”

Indeed, journalists covering the protests last night were directly in police crosshairs, as police tore down news crews’ camera equipment, chased them through various neighborhoods and actively sought them out as they worked in nearby restaurants.

“They are shutting down the entire road and there’s word that they are looking specifically for journalists to arrest them,” Infowars reporter Joe Biggs revealed during last night’s coverage. “Why? Because they don’t want the truth about what’s going on to come out.”

The scenes that unfolded in Ferguson last night made it clear that, to police, reporters and journalists reporting on the cops’ Constitution-infringing, control freak tactics is akin to garlic, holy water or sunlight to vampires.

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