MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough ended an intense week of attacking the President and his family by returning to the staple of his conspiracy theories concerning Trump – muh Russian Collusion.

“That is some message discipline,” Scarborough said after playing clips of Trump and Putin calling the collusion conspiracy fake.

“You’ve got to really respect those two guys just for no other reason to have the message discipline that they have. It’s so jarring, and we’re going to be introducing Peggy Newton in a second here.” Scarborough sardonically added.

“But for those of us who grew up as conservative republicans in the height of the cold war it really is jarring to see Donald Trump in a mind meld with a man who runs a country that invades other countries,” Scarborough continued.

“That shoots down passenger planes that assassinates journalists that assassinates political leaders, pretty jarring, but he’s doing it and as David Ignatius says that facts are hiding in broad daylight.” the MSNBC host exclaimed.

Scarborough’s yes man Willie Geist chimed in to agree with everything he said, noting “Former KGB agent Putin knows exactly how to play Donald Trump. He says exactly what he knows Donald Trump will respond to.”

“Oh my god, he plays him like a fiddle,” Scarborough interjected.

Putin was speaking at a conference when he was asked about the conspiracy theories about collusion to affect the US election.

The Russian leader stated that it is a fake news narrative orchestrated to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.

To the likes of ‘psycho’ Joe Scarborough, this is clear evidence that Trump and Putin are indeed engaged in some secret partnership, while to everyone else it’s just a patently obvious observation regarding the mainstream media’s opposition campaign.

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