Russian president Vladimir Putin visited coronavirus patients at a hospital in Moscow Tuesday, donning a hazmat suit before entering the “high risk” location.

Footage from Russian media RT shows hospital workers helping Putin suit up in the protective gear, complete with gloves, protective boots, and a ventilator before entering a hospital in the Kommunarka region of Moscow.

“Let’s see your work,” the president reportedly stated before going in.

© Sputnik / Alexey Druzhinin

He also praised hospital workers saying they “know what to do, how to do it, have everything they need and can effectively use existing equipment.”

© Sputnik / Alexey Druzhinin

So far, Russia appears to have been able to control the spread of the virus after closing its border to China in late January, and imposing stricter border controls in recent days.

© Sputnik / Alexey Druzhinin

“As of March 24, Russia had recorded 495 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and no deaths,” reports RT.

Time will tell if the Russian president’s confidence will inspire U.S. President Donald Trump to make a similar hospital visit.

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Democrats are try to block President Trump from bringing a Coronavirus treatment which appears to be effective to U.S.

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