A massive “race riot” between blacks and Hispanics broke out at a Los Angeles high school on Monday.

Cell phone videos show students at Sylmar High School violently punching and kicking one another while completely ignoring attempts by police to break up their fights.

Some 40 students were involved in the melee and 12 officers and a host of school staffers were seen struggling to get the situation under control.

KTLA says several students told them the riot was “race and gang related.”

Watch a video report on the incident from KTLA:

Watch a compilation of the raw footage from LiveLeak:

Superintendent Michelle King released the following statement:

As the head of the most diverse school district in the nation, let me be very clear: We will not tolerate targeting or violence of any kind on our campuses.

Regarding the recent conflict at Sylmar High School, law enforcement is continuing to investigate. All parents and guardians have been notified about the incident, and appropriate disciplinary action is being taken.

We want to reassure parents that the safety of all students and staff remains our top priority. Extra counselors and support staff have been assigned to the school, along with additional school police.

On a personal note, I want to express my concern about any student who was injured. I wish them a speedy recovery.

The bottom line is that all students are welcome at L.A. Unified schools.

This event is precisely what Jared Taylor discussed during his recent debate with Kentucky State Professor Wilfred Reilly on whether or not “diversity is a strength” for America.

Jared argued diversity is a major cause of conflict in America and pointed to repeated riots in Los Angeles between black and Hispanic students.

One recent case he cited occurred in November of last year at Hawthorne High School in South Bay, Los Angeles.

Some 300 students were involved in the massive brawl and 30 students were expelled.

“It’s not just Los Angeles [where such riots take place],” Taylor said.

“In high schools all around the country, there have been riots of blacks vs. Hispanics, blacks vs. Arabs, whites vs. Hispanics, Hispanics vs. American Indians, blacks vs. Asians. Just about every mix you can imagine.”

“We’ve got to dump this cuckoo fantasy about racial diversity being a strength,” Taylor said.

“Only the truth will solve our problems, and the truth is that racial diversity is a terrible weakness.”

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