GOP Presidential contender Rand Paul used sobering words to describe frontrunner Donald Trump Sunday, declaring that he is extremely worried about the consequences of a Trump Presidency.

“I think that Donald Trump believes in no limits to power as long as it’s coming to him. That’s very, very worrisome to us.” Paul said in an appearance on CNN.

“I think that conservatives across the country should be alarmed at his candidacy because I don’t think he’s a real conservative.” Paul continued.

“I think he’s pulling the wool over our eyes and I think we’ll be very sorry that he’ll be the consummate deal maker. He’ll be worse than anything we got in Washington, you just wait,” Paul urged.

The Kentucky Senator was responding to Trump bragging that he could “stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot people” and not lose voters.

“Where to start?” Paul declared. “I think, sometimes, narcissists have delusions. And I think he’s almost to the point of being delusional about his own power.”

“There’s a distinct American tradition that I represent that says too much power gravitating into the hands of anyone is a mistake – Republican or Democrat… We believe in a presidency limited by the Constitution.” Paul added.

The Libertarian leaning Paul was following up on comments he made last week about how worried he is about a Trump Presidency.

“I believe he wants more power to come to him and he’ll take care of us all if we just give him power. I’m part of a limited government tradition that says, you know, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Paul stated.

“I want to devolve power back to the states and the people. There’s a long-standing conservative/libertarian tradition of that, and I’m more than willing to hold that up against what Trump wants because I think what Trump wants is bad for America.” Paul said.

In further comments ahead of a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Paul weighed in on the rumours that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a staunch gun control advocate, may be about to join the race for the Democratic nomination.

“Gun control’s not that popular in our country, so I think it’ll be probably splitting some of the Democrat vote if that’s one of his key issues to run on,” said Paul.

“That seems to be what’s activated in and inspired him in recent elections — gun control. So if he splits the Democrat vote and goes for gun control, that might be good for Republicans.”

Paul also said he thinks pollsters are underestimating his support from college students and young voters, and that he deserves to be in the top tier of the upcoming GOP debate.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’,

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