Senator Rand Paul slammed Senator-elect Mitt Romney Wednesday, warning that if Romney attempts any kind of Primary run against Trump for the Republican nomination in 2020, then he would be ‘wiped out’.

Appearing on Fox News, Paul told host Neil Cavuto that Romney’s attack on Trump, calling the President ‘ dishonest’ is “not productive”.

“When you attack someone’s character like that, I think that’s such a low blow.”

“That’s a bad way for him to start in the Senate,” Paul continued, adding “I think it’s going to spoil relations between his representation of Utah and the President.”

Paul’s appearance was a follow up on earlier tweets in which he defended the President, calling Romney a “Big Government Republican” and a faux conservative:

When Cavuto brought up Paul’s previous criticism of Trump, during the 2016 campaign, the Senator noted that “things are different and the tenor is different when you’re competing for the same office in the same election.”

“Since he’s been elected president, I try not to have personal character assassination or attacks on him and I try to work with him,” Paul further explained.

Paul and Trump have found common ground recently with the President’s pledge to remove troops from Syria and potentially Afghanistan, a move Paul has long advocated.

Paul explained that what Romney is doing is totally different and that he is “virtue signaling” and “puffing himself up that he’s somehow so virtuous.”

When Cavuto suggested that Romney could be positioning himself to run against Trump for the Presidency, Paul said, “If there were an election between Donald Trump in a primary and Romney, I think Romney would be wiped out.”

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