Reporters who have been traveling on the Clinton campaign plane posed for photos with Hillary on the tarmac today as they laughed and cheered before praising Clinton in yet another shocking example of the mainstream media’s fawning adulation of the Democratic candidate.

The footage shows reporters laughing at Hillary’s jokes as they line up around her for a happy group photo before whooping and cheering after the picture is taken. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell was stood right next to Hillary during the photo-op.

Shortly after the photo, reporters reverted back to their usual job of lobbing softball questions at Hillary while praising her for being “ahead of her time” and “sometimes misunderstood” while having “fought off a lot of prejudice.”

As we previously highlighted, an earlier photo of the same reporters on Hillary’s campaign plane looked like a set of teenagers eager to meet their favorite pop star.

Video footage from a separate incident also showed Clinton’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill appearing to type a softball question for Andrea Mitchell, which she subsequently asks Clinton.

Wikileaks emails have revealed deep levels of collusion between the Clinton campaign and the mainstream media, with Hillary being fed debate questions by former CNN commentator Donna Brazile in advance, as well as numerous journalists seeking approval from the campaign before they edit or publish their articles.


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