Yellow Vest protesters resumed rallies across France for the eighth straight week, demonstrating against French President Emmanuel Macron’s globalist policies.

Tear gas and batons were used against the protesters during clashes with police on Saturday, with hundreds reportedly injured.

The protesters attempted to march on the National Assembly, but were blocked by police.

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux, who was evacuated from his office after rioters breached the building with a bulldozer, accused those still protesting as “agitators who want insurrection and, basically, to overthrow the government.”

“They have engaged in a political battle to contest the legitimacy of the government and president,” he said. “These people who call for debate don’t want to take part in our national debate. I call on them to participate.”

The Yellow Vest protests, which began in November, have been calling for Macron to step down despite being offered a range of concessions by him, including scrapping gas tax hikes.

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