MSNBC’s Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski lauded the big tech purge of Infowars from the internet in a morning broadcast, and called for even more action to be taken against Alex Jones, claiming that he routinely calls for violence.

Scarborough claimed that Jones has called for the assassination of Robert Mueller, the former FBI head who is leading the farcical investigation into Russia/Trump collusion.

“Alex Jones, my god Mika,” Scarborough said, talking to the co-host, “It seems that he was calling for the assassination of Robert Mueller.”

“This should go well beyond him not being on Apple or YouTube.” Scarborough declared, in a call to completely ban Jones from having any platform whatsoever.

Scarborough then even called for Jones to be investigated by the government.

“This seems to be something that the Secret Service should be looking into, when it seems that he is calling for the assassination of a former FBI director, and a man who is leading an investigation into Vladimir Putin undermining American democracy.” Scarborough continued, attempting to paint Jones up as un-American.

“I think giving people like that a platform is dangerous,” Mika Brzezinski chimed in, completely oblivious to the irony in her statement.

“We are watching things unravel before our eyes, even the value of the truth.” She added.


Elsewhere during the broadcast, Scarborough and his panel slammed Republican Senator Ted Cruz, who has defended Jones’ free speech rights in the midst of the social media purge.

Cruz cited Martin Niemöller’s “First they came” poem to defend the Infowars head, which triggered Scarborough.

“Is he familiar with the content in Infowars?” Scarborough exclaimed.

“I would think most of the people he sits in church with would be deeply offended. Every day it’s a new shocking attack against some foundation of our culture, of our civilization, and Ted Cruz is going out there comparing that to people that were sent away in the Holocaust?” the host added.

Talking head Elise Jordan accused Cruz of “pandering to new lows”.

“Whether it’s his own wife. His own father. He was so quick to, you know, cower back, grovel back to Donald Trump. That’s the same thing that he’s doing with Alex Jones and it’s so craven, so transparent, and he cares more about the millions of followers that Alex Jones has, and’s it shows his desperation with his upcoming Senate race and also his complete lack of any moral compass whatsoever.” Jordan declared.

MSNBC and Morning Joe in particular have been pushing hard for big tech to outright ban Infowars for weeks.

Not only is Infowars completely opposed to everything MSNBC stands for, but it is also in direct competition as a news source, and has a much bigger online presence than MSNBC.

It comes as no surprise that Scarborough and his ilk are celebrating total censorship efforts against their idealogical nemeses and most influential competitors.

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