Kurt Nimmo
September 4, 2012

Last week, a Fox News station in Baltimore, Maryland, received a surveillance video showing a Prince County, Maryland, cop beating a teenager in the head with a gun.

Ryan Dorm had not committed a crime, but despite this the cops considered him and a friend suspicious. The two men were wearing ski masks while buying food as at gas station on Perry Street in Brentwood, Maryland. Dorm later said he was wearing a ski mask because it was cold.

Corporal Donald Taylor said Dorm had assaulted him and his gun went off as he struggled with Dorm. The surveillance video, released after Dorm had spent months in prison, reveals what has now become routine – the cop lied and an innocent man spent time in prison.

Taylor was indicted after the video was made public. He faces misconduct, reckless endangerment and second-degree assault charges. Dorm’s lawyer, Jimmy Bell, has filed a $10 million dollar civil lawsuit in the case.

Unfortunately, Maryland tax payers will end up paying for the psychopathic behavior of Donald Taylor/ He should have never been hired as a policeman. Police need to be rigorously tested for signs of psychopathy and sadism.

Cops who assault citizens without reason should be immediately fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Prosecuting and incarcerating violent cops will help make sure other cops know such unacceptable behavior will go punished.

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