After offending a German Jewish immigrant by waving a “Trump = Nazi” sign in his face, Bernie Sanders supporters said he needed to “go back to Germany.”

“Do you not see any correlation? You should look up World War II,” one of the social justice warrior said to the immigrant, who promptly told her he found the sign highly offensive.

Another SJW responded by telling him to “go back to Germany, then.”

And the Bernie supporter holding the sign told the immigrant he should support Bernie over Trump because Sanders “is also a Jewish guy” and added “down with the republic!”

That prompted the Jewish immigrant to turn around and tell her “I’m going to stay here in the United States because I belong here, unlike these illegal aliens.”

The confrontation further demonstrates the excessive hypocrisy of SJWs who are completely intolerant – and in this case xenophobic – to anyone who disagrees with their world views.

In fact, SJWs and other leftists are also less charitable than others, with one study by the Philanthropy Chronicles stating that poorer conservatives are actually more altruistic than wealthy liberals on average.

“The study shows that the religious and conservative states are the most generous givers,” RT reported. “Seventeen of the most generous states, in relative terms, voted for Romney in 2012, while 15 of the 17 least generous ones picked Obama for re-election.”

“This may expose a correlation between conservative voters believing that redistribution is something that should be done out of their own pocket, not by the government, and it may also highlight links between religious belief – more common among Republican voters – and charity donations, which are funnelled towards, and encouraged by the Church.”

And when a RT reporter asked pro-amnesty leftists if they would host Syrian migrants in their homes, they flat-out refused to do so.

One of the residents claimed people who are against Obama’s policy of housing thousands of more migrants in the U.S. “ought to go read the Statue of Liberty,” but when RT’s Lori Harfenist handed him a form to sign up to house some refugees, he immediately said, “I’m not going to be able to do that.”

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