Several San Diegans interviewed by Mark Dice think that a third of Americans are homosexual, another indication that saturation coverage of LGBT issues in the media has greatly misled many people.

Four people who Dice spoke to thought that 30% of Americans were gay, with two thinking the number was even higher at 35%.

The majority of the respondents thought that 20% or more were gay.

Only one older lady at the end of the video correctly estimates that the figure is closer to 2%.

The actual number of Americans who identify as homosexual is around 1.6%, according to a large scale Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report released in 2014. A further 0.7% identify as bisexual.

Other studies have put the figure slightly higher, although it is nowhere near the estimate given by most Americans.

A 2015 poll conducted by Gallup found that Americans generally think around 23% of the population is gay, vastly overestimating the number of people who are actually homosexual.

Sex researcher Alfred Kinsey’s 1948 claim that 10% of males he studied were “more or less exclusively homosexual” is one fraudulent statistic that has misled people as to the true figure.

As Dice points out in the clip, wall to wall coverage of LGBT issues by the leftist media over the past decade is probably a key reason as to why so many Americans get it spectacularly wrong when guessing the answer to the question.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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