An absurd petition recently made its rounds at a prestigious college campus and actually garnered signatures despite it supporting the deportation of American citizens in exchange for illegal immigrants.

Campus Reform, a website dedicated to highlighting bias and hypocrisy at colleges across the nation, devised a mock petition which asked students from George Washington University, located in Washington D.C., whether they would support President Obama’s plan to ship Americans out of the country in order to make room for incoming “undocumented immigrants.”

“This is a petition for President Obama to deport one American citizen in exchange for one undocumented immigrant,” the Campus Reform reporter informs students before asking if they would pledge their support for the notion.

“Everyone must be allowed a shot at the ‘American Dream,'” the petition read. “Americans should not be greedy. Let us right the wrongs of our past and make another’s dreams come true.”

Apparently just those few catchy tag lines were all the encouragement some students needed.

“Alright, let’s go for it,” one male student says, before proceeding to sign.

“No, it makes sense,” a female student agrees.

“I think that’s definitely a good idea,” says another student.

While some students seemed to understand the gist of what they were signing – one student, for instance, followed up his signature by asking, “Who is going to be selected to be deported?” – it’s possible others appearing in the video may have been confused.

Campus Reform reports they spent about an hour gathering signatures, and that about two-thirds of the people they approached signed their support.

“George Washington University has a long history of supporting immigrants,” reports Biz Pac Review. “According to the university’s website, law students at the school’s Immigrant Clinic have offered legal help to immigrants since 1979. The students legally aid undocumented immigrants in avoiding deportation and seeking asylum in the U.S.”

The video comes on the heels of an executive order signed by the president last month which supposedly grants millions of immigrants living in the country illegally “deferred action.”

However, the legitimacy of the president’s action has drawn criticism.

For example, WND investigative journalist Jerome Corsi revealed that Obama hadn’t actually signed an “executive order,” but rather issued a “memoranda,” bringing into question the legality of the order.

And earlier this week, a federal judge said several sections of Obama’s immigration plan were actually unconstitutional, as they appeared to defy the separation of powers.

“President Obama’s unilateral legislative action violates the separation of powers provided for in the United States Constitution as well as the Take Care Clause, and therefore is unconstitutional,” District Court Judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Arthur J. Schwab wrote in a memo.

The judge’s ruling, however, did not not overturn the president’s policy, which some experts predict could worsen the country’s economic, political and societal uncertainty.

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