Matt Ryan
April 22, 2011

The ongoing crisis at Fukushima has been all but forgotten in the minds of the mainstream media. Radiation continues to be a serious problem for residents of Japan and even here in America, increased radiation levels are being found across the country. The Japanese government has continued to downplay the magnitude of this disaster and the long-term affects it will have on the world.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), the company in charge of the Fukushima plant, used a robotic aerial vehicle known as the T-Hawk to survey the damaged nuclear site last Friday. The T-Hawk was developed by Honeywell and launched through DARPA and is currently being used in Afghanistan and Iraq as a reconnaissance tool.

What the video clearly shows is the extremely devastating impact the large explosions have had on the facility. With spent nuclear fuel rods being housed directly next to the main reactor shielding (seen as a yellow dome in the videos), this new footage may only intensify concerns over their condition.

The first video is of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Reactor No 4. The helicopter operators seem to be focusing on No 4’s structural damage and on how much and what type of debris is covering No 4’s spent fuel pool.

This second video continues to focus on Reactor No 4.

  • 1:57 This segment of the video shows the debris adjacent to the east side of the Reactor No 4 building.
  • 2:18 through 2:26 shows what is left of the east side of the Reactor No 4 building.
  • 2:30 shows Reactor No 4’s double seal (yellow). Note that No 4’s core has no fuel in it. All of No 4’s fuel (which is not totally spent) is in No 4’s fuel storage pool.
  • 3:36 shows the cement pumper truck which is pumping water onto the fuel storage pool.

The third video concentrates more on an overhead view of the damaged reactors. Here you can see what is believed to be reactors 3 and 4. Debris are scattered throughout the facility, a clear view from the sky to the double seal.

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